About us

Our mission is to provide sports infrastructure in the form of non-standard and original solutions that allow sports activities to happen anywhere, at any time.
Striving to fulfill this mission, we began in 2012 to manufacture our proprietary design of portable pitches for children, under the name of GolBox.
At the same time time we developed a unique program of sports activities, involving games and football drills for children aged 5-9, under the name of "Golbox - my first goal", and moreover, we initiated the "GolBox - young footballer's academy".

A great number of trainers have been able to use their own GolBox football pitch since then, and many children have spent fun-filled sessions on GolBox pitches, which were specially designed for them.

2015 continues our journey to further our mission in the form of yet another bespoke project – a fixed multi-function sports and recreational field GolBox S. Which combines sports with fun and fresh air learning.

Our products are available for sale or to rent.
Furthermore, we have a wide range of experience in organizing sports events for children, in particular, football-related events.


GolBox is a member of the Sports Poland Club (Klub Sportowa Polska).
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