Our mission is to provide sports infrastructure in the form of customised and original solutions that allow sports activities to take place anywhere, and at any time.

We specialize in providing mobile solutions designed for children and young adults - our proprietary design is the portable football pitch GolBox M, which can be used by the youngest children.

Our special product is the newly developed, multi-purpose fixed sports and recreation field GolBox S. The primary purpose of which is to provide an outstanding space for carrying out sports activities for children and young people in places where it should be available, but is not currently. For example: in backyards, housing estates, squares, parks, green areas. It can also be used within schools, nurseries and preschools.

In addition, our mission involves organizing sports events, with a particular focus on physical activities on GolBox pitches.

To that end, we have established the "GolBox - young footballer's academy" and developed the unique project "GolBox – my first goal". This is a set of programs for original, general physical development classes with elements of football drills. These programs are carried out on GolBox pitches and are intended for children aged between 5-9 years old.


GolBox is a member of the Sports Poland Club (Klub Sportowa Polska).
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