Pitch & Putt – small golf course

We design and manufacture a small golf course of Pitch & Putt type. Our basic principle in designing a Pitch & Putt small golf course is to use the highest quality synthetic grass GolBox Synthetic Grass- GOLF as the surface of any Putting Green component of the field. The use of synthetic grass significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Expensive irrigation system or daily maintenance process which are necessary elements in case of natural grass surface are not required in this case. Using a synthetic grass, at a relatively small cost and in a short time, we can implement a high-quality Pitch & Putt small golf course which guarantees the original sports and recreational facility for people of all ages. Our offer is dedicated to owners of golf clubs and centers, resorts and hotels, local authorities, sports and leisure areas managers as well as to individual customers.

From golf glossary:

  • Pitch & Putt, a small golf course, consisting of any number of holes (up to 18 holes) with a length of 20-60 m (maximum length of a single hole 91 m), the total length of the hole should not exceed 1092 m, giving an average hole length of 60.7 m. Drive type strikes (medium and long golf ball strikes) are not practiced on Pitch & Putt golf courses.

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