Description GolBox M

Description GolBox M

Portable Golbox M pitches are a system of boards and aluminum profiles which create an easy to build construction. This guarantees quick, and safe assembly and disassembly (max.45 minutes).

GolBox M will cheaply and quickly transform any surface into a sports field.

Mobile GolBox M is designed to allow children to take part in general physical activities including soccer, as well as basketball, unihockey, mini tennis and many others. Portable GolBox M pitches have been designed for use on a variety of surfaces, such as: grass, asphalt, concrete, parquet, polyurethane and artificial turf surfaces.


GolBox M is:

ADJUSTED DIMENSIONS – a modular construction for the pitch, which allows any size of dimensions (the smallest pitch is 6×9m), and also allows expansion of the pitch in the future (standard dimensions: 6×9 m, 8×12 m, 10×15 m, 12×18 m)

SAFETY – the goals for the "GolBox" pitches are made of aluminum tubes covered with soft polyurethane coverings, which ensures that children are protected against dangerous injuries. The playing field is surrounded by perimeter boards and nets, which ensure safe games in which both the ball and the children stay within the field of play, while their parents (or teachers) can easily supervise them.

QUICK AND SIMPLE ASSEMBLY – quick and easy assembly and disassembly (within 45 minutes without using any tools).

PORTABILITY – easy transportation of the GolBox M elements to any destination.

ATTRACTIVE PRICE – an affordable price, substantially lower than those offered by other suppliers.

GUARANTEE – GolBox M pitches are protected by a 2-year guarantee.

SAFETY CERTIFICATE – GolBox M pitches come with a safety certificate, which confirms the equipment's compliance with PN-EN 15312:2008 + A1:2010 standards.


GolBox M is designed for :

  • preschools
  • nurseries
  • schools
  • sports clubs
  • sports and leisure centers, including "Orlik" sports fields
  • holiday resorts
  • hotels
  • guest houses
  • agrotourism farms
  • event marketing activities

Portable GolBox M pitches are also used for football tournaments and competitions, as part of major events including: fairs, picnics, May Day fetes, student festivals, sports competions, recreational and cultural events organized by local authorities, schools, companies, clubs and sports associations. Both outdoors and indoors, for example at sports arenas.


GolBox M- for :

COMMUNES - GolBox M fits perfectly into sporting, physical and health education activities for children organized by communes e.g. as part of the "Sports Commune" program and during communal occasions such as fairs, picnics or other open-air events addressed to local communities within housing estates, districts or rural settlements.

Preschools and nurseries – GolBox M is a perfect solution for preschools to stand out in terms of sports.
For schools that are keen to provide the best conditions for the child sports development, the GolBox M provides the ideal environment to achieve this goal.

SCHOOLS – GolBox M is, likewise, a great product for pupils in grades 1-3 of primary schools, especially during the implementation of adaptation programs for six-year-olds as first-graders.

FOOTBALL CLUBS AND SPORTS CENTERS – GolBox M gives the opportunity to create engaging conditions for conducting sports games, physical ability tests and trainings, even for the youngest of children. Classes can be held both outdoors and indoors, e.g. in gyms, arenas or other sports facilities. The portable GolBox M pitch should be a permanent piece of equipment for every professional football club and sports center in Poland!

HOLIDAY RESORTS, GUEST HOUSES AND HOTELS – the GolBox M pitches create an attractive and safe space for children's sports activities within a very limited area, creating an excellent environment for the whole family to enjoy.

EVENT MARKETING AGENCIES – Not only inflatable castles, clown performances or blowing soap bubbles may be incorporated into the program for an outstanding children's event. Kids love running, kicking the ball, they love sports. The only thing they need are good conditions for this. Various sports games can be played on a portable "GolBox" pitch which will add interest to all activities organized for children.

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