GolBox M pitches are available in four standard sizes: 6x9m, 8x12m, 10x15m, 12x18.

Order delivery times and conditions

The average delivery time for a standard GolBox M pitch is 21 days from the date of placing the order or signing the contract.

Non-standard versions are also possible, based on the purchaser's requirements (customized equipment elements, branding, perimeter boards, advertising banners and alternative surfaces).

Shipping costs are covered by the purchaser.

We provide full technical support to allow the purchaser to make the correct product selection, assembly and operation of the mobile pitch system.

CHECK prices of portable pitches GolBox M

The GolBox M pitches include the following elements:

  • simple posts
  • corner markers
  • aluminum tubes for attaching the net
  • weighted bases
  • goals
  • perimeter boards (200 x 70 cm)
  • perimeter boards (300 x 70 cm)
  • entry gate
  • protective nets
  • goal nets