Organization of events

Events on a portable GolBox pitch

We have our own equipment stock in the form of GolBox mobile football pitches, which we manufacture.

We work with experienced trainers, to implement public relations, educational and team-building events. These can range from football events, through to football competitions, and high-budget sports marketing projects.

An integral part of the GolBox mobile pitch is the portable artificial turf surface.

Football events are organized on GolBox pitches with dimensions of 6x9m or 10x15m.

Portable GolBox pitches are the ideal place for a football event for children.

Focusing on the needs of children, we have prepared the "GolBox - my first goal" program, as part of which we enable football events to be organised on a GolBox pitch for children. These activities could include: football activities on Children's Day or St Nicholas' Day, training sessions and football tournaments, football birthday events or any other football related activities organized as part of a company event or a public event.

We provide efficient organization and a professional service, provided by trainers specializing in the preparation of football classes for children.

A football event may take place wherever the contracting party suggests or alternatively where the "GolBox - my first goal" organiser proposes.